About Us


At Jenkins School of Dance, we believe in laying the foundations for all future dance training in a way that is fun!  By focusing on proper technique in ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatics, dancers are building the bodies and minds to allow them to explore any dance avenues available.


Ms. Kim  is the primary teacher.  Each student receives both compliments and constructive critique in an encouraging atmosphere to help them reach their full potential.

Miss Beth is our co-teacher, teaching alongside Ms. Kim in most classes.  She also leads in our modern classes.


Student assistants are carefully chosen to help with our little dancers.  You can be assured that these assistants love dance, love children and will be positive role models for your young dancers.


We take special care to make sure your dancers are exposed to only positive music and are always costumed appropriately.  We believe that dance is a gift from God and we seek to honor Him in all that we do.